Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

CFC Recommendations on MBS (Mind, Body and Spirit) Development

 Associate Coach: Functional Movement


Elizabeth Cam, is another dedicated CrossFitter, Israeli Krav Maga Practitioner and Chemical Engineer. As a UA Instructor, PCC professor and Salsa Latin Dance Instructor, Elizabeth brings a vast amount of experience in the skills needed to transfer the knowledge she has attained over the years. Although a very busy Chemical Engineer, she always finds the time to assist our team when she can.



" with CFC is like training in the Gaza strip...unlike a strip mall dojo!" William-Electrician, Tucson


" What a wonderful and empowering womens defense workshop. I appreciated the one-on-one attention. For a two hour class, we covered a lot of important information and techniques for keeping yourself safe in bad situations. The CFC instructor was wonderful and sensitive, and I look forward to going back and working with him in the future!" Natalie- Writer, Tucson Arizona


"I really enjoyed the Improvised weapons class. The class was so practical that I was able to go through it wearing a cast on my main broken hand. This class and the others offered, provide great self defense information a great workout and useful teamwork!" Chris- Programmer, Tucson


"This womens self defense class helped me overcome the feeling that I was 'too small or girly' to protect myself. I want to keep learning more! The feeling of self empowerment alone is great!" Lauren- Psychologist, Tucson Arizona


"Taking down guys twice my size and knowing how to take control to protect myself during a gun confrontation makes me feel more confident!" Evelyn- Personal Designer, Tucson


"I enjoyed this class because I learned how to prepare my mind to confront any attacker. It really helped me bring out the loud voice that I didnt think I had. I think this womans defense class is really good because it prepares your for real life circumstances. Thank you CFC for providing such classes!" Aida- Legal Assistant, Tucson Az


"Your instruction and guidance over the past few years has been the greatest payback and investment in personal safety that I couldve asked for. All of the Krav Maga training you have provided, greatly compliments the training that I have had over the years in my career. Your delivery and IKMs approach to reality based training matches up to the real life circumstances that I have encountered and forecast the potential ones that I may encounter in the future. Thank you for your continued service to the community!" A.S- ICE Southwest Division


"I had a 'blast' in this months Tactical Krav Maga, Weapons and Car Defense Classes! I have always enjoyed Madrihk Bruce as an instructor. He keeps it real, while making it fun and easy to learn. I would recommend instruction from Bruce to anyone who is willing to push and commit themselves. I have gained a confidence and sense of awareness (even in the most intense training situations) that I will carry into my Law Enforcement career!" Rory- Security Specialist, Glendale Arizona


" This gun disarming and retention seminar was very informative and realistic. I felt it helped me overcome the challenges I had with my speed in performing combatives after a disarm. This is unlike any other course out there. I truly recommend this to anyone facing dangerous situations on a daily basis. This is a Great class!" William-UAPD, Tucson Arizona


Madrihk Bruce's Instruction is clear, direct and easy to understand. He breaks down each tactical weapons disarm move into a comprehensive and synergistic fashion. I have truly gained more self confidence and progressed in my mental and physical conditioning." Willaim A.-Communications Supervisor Az


"I was very humbled during the 'Car Jacking Prevention' Seminar I attended this weekend. The prep-training before hand was very in depth. Bruces expertise is clearly evident and impressive. His no "PC" approach is refreshing and appreciated. It played out very well during the actual car jacking much so, that it felt eerily realistic. I would recommend any of 'Combat Fits' CQC or Krav Maga courses or seminars. Any knowledge gained through them can save your life! Thank you Madrihk for inspiring me and for the education that I will take with me after grad school around the world." Dara- LEGO HQ-Representative


" This improvised and blunt weapons class was excellent! I enjoyed all of the training. I found the motions in this Combat Arts program to be natural and reflexive as opposed to other martial arts. I was able to overcome challenges relating to being more disciplined in combat situations, avoiding going into a blind rage." Rene-Programmer , Tucson Arizona


" I really have enjoyed taking the Israeli Krav Maga P-1 level series at the CrossFit gym. Bruce's instruction and techniques are very effective, with the focus being on real-life situations. The course has helped me work on my relflexes, my flinch response and helps me keep in shape. I would recommend Krav Maga at CrossFit to anyone who would appreciate a 'practical' combat art!" Casey- Tech Support, Tucson