Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 


First Krav Maga Experience "Foundations" Beginners Intro Class

$25.00 $30.00

קרב מגע

How do I start Krav Maga Training?

Entry Protocol:

1. New Individuals...your first step is to contact our CFC admin team by emailing us to get an eval form. Or  call  Combat FIT during its office hours to request the "training evaluation". Speak to a staff member and start the entry process and background check. Or, visit us at the JCC... then watch one class for free.

2. Once you have been evaluated and your application has been submitted, reviewed and cleared, CFC admin will let you know if you qualify for training. A spot in one of the 'No Obligation Foundational Sessions' will be set aside for you. The completion of this session is required prior to Krav Maga training.

3. If you cant make Combat FITs  bi-monthly Foundations class or the quarterly JCC session , then we can schedule a private Fast Trac Foundations session to get you started.

Your training application passes, now take Foundations:

Prior to attending our regular  Israeli Krav Maga (IKM) courses, you must first complete one of the following "foundation" sessions:

1. Fast Trac Foundations IKM Session :  Bi-Monthly private class.

2.  LEO Embed class : Train right away in our regular classes. Only for selected Law Enforcement personnel.

3. Jewish Community Center : Quarterly held, slower paced JCC 4-6 week session.

Attending one of the above sessions, will allow new individuals the opportunity of seeing if this type of training is a right fit for them.

Once completed, and if you are accepted to train with us, you can then select to participate in either the 6, or 8 week on-going IKM courses held at the CrossFit Training Facility. Some students may be placed on TPS (temporary probation status) as dictated by higher echelon.


Israeli Krav Maga is a high intensity program that may not be suitable for everyone. Interested individuals...if you have physical limitations or have mental/health issues, then documented clearance is required from your primary health care physician.

CFC reserves the right to refuse instructional services to any individual not adhereing to our training standards or policies. Dismissal may occur at any time.

Also note, that if any substantiated criminal intent, activity or anti-social behavior is collaborated by our investigations staff, then this will preclude you from participating in any of our CFC-Combat FIT or IKM courses.


IKM Foundations Session Description:

This initial class will give an overview of the IKM training program. It provides the basic training methods, safety standards and primary IKM techniques, needed to facilitate the transition of all new students into the beginner P-1 training series. For cost, look below.

During this session behavioral science analysis will be used to assess all new students tempermant, character and motive. Hence, acceptance into the Israeli Krav Maga training program is based on passing the latter and not necessarily the completion of the class.

How do I register for this foundations session?

Registration is only open to individuals that have passed our entry protocol. The process all starts by you calling in to our CFC ® office  three days prior to the training day and requesting a "Training Application Form". If accepted to train, you can then register. If you have missed the time frame for the foundations class or JCC course then: 1. Wait for the next session or 2. Set up an appointment for a private scheduled session.

COST: Foundations Session

$15 for the 3 early registrants in the January 60 minute Fast Trac Monday Classes

$20 : Former military and LE. 60 minute Fast Trac Private Class (Weekly)

$25 : per civilian for the 60 minute Fast Trac Private Class (Bi-Monthly during select times)

$25 : Embed Class for FLETC-DT-MCMAP-Military trained (50-60 minute session)

$60 : One hour Private Session: (Scheduled and Reserved one to one training)

$110: per person for the JCC Small Group Course (January, April, July and September)

Foundations Session Held:

Time : Generally held after 4 pm but call to confirm specific times.

Date : Fast trac is held each month during the first week and the Small group JCC sessions are held Quarterly in January, April, July and September.

Foundations Session Locations:


Crossfit   near downtown Tucson, Arizona

Northside :

Jewish Community Center  at River and Dodge register via 520-299-3000 Tucson 


Restrictions and Requirements

Our program is open to humble, honest and healthy folks older than 21 years. Due to its intensity, it may not be suitable for everyone. If under 21, parental/guardian consent and the Chief CFC® Instructors approval is required.

What to bring to this class and all others: Government Photo ID, a bottle of water, pen, notepad, expendable loose fitting comfortable clothing (an old clean T-shirt and long pants-sweats), old prescription glasses, workout shoes and a sweat towel. Remove all engagement rings, ear rings and lip piercings . Appropriate attire and hygiene is required at all times. Returning Practioners it is recommended that you wear a dark shirt, dark military/cargo pants and long socks for subsequent sessions. Be aware... our training facility simulates seasonal enviromental conditions, hence during the summer time we may train in hot conditions and during the winter we may be exposed to cold conditions. If you dont like to train like this (reality of environmental probabilities) then we suggest going elsewhere.

Understanding IKM-Combat FIT training methods

Our Israeli Krav Maga (IKM) courses follow effective, and combat proven, military training those shown in this report .Thus, our primary focus is military style: combat conditioning, functional-tactical fitness, close quarter self defense and scenario based training. While this training is realistic and intense in nature, our instructors always follow SAFETY standards to the extreme.

Progressive Courses : P1- P5 Levels

You've passed the character evaluation, completed the Foundations class and were accepted to train at Combat, choose your course:

Israeli Krav Maga : IKM Basic course

Mondays : Introductory Course held between 6 to 8 weeks.

This Practitioner Level 1 (P-1 basic course is held only on Mondays between 90 to 120 minutes. Look at the calender for dates where we will not hold class. This is a smaller group sized class with more individual attention given to new practitioners.

Israeli Krav Maga : IKM Progressive Course

Mondays : Progressive Course held between 6 to 8 weeks.

This Practitioner Level 2 ( P-2)   experienced beginner course is held only on mondays between 90 minutes to 2 hours. This is course is designed for practitioners have been training with CFC for a number of years. On certain mondays no class will be held due to instructor CEU training, please check the calender page.

Tactical Krav Maga : TKM Advanced Training

Tuesdays and Thursdays : These advance classes are by invitation only.

These P3 - P4 (intermediate) and P5 (advanced) level TKM sessions are held on select Tuesdays and Thursdays for 50 to 90 minutes at different locations. This course may be available to select LE or Military members. If you are selected to attend you will know where we are training.


Course Cost :

Encompasses the 6 to 8 week Krav Maga courses for P1 -P5 students.

$ 110  Accepted new students that have completed the KMFC within 4 months.

$ 100 Continuting IKM practitioners, that have been approved to continue.

$ 20 Drop in rate for IKM students that have passed foundations. Why drop in?... look below.


$120 Returning old students 6 months out from their last IKM Class (P1 and P2).

$140 Returning old students 12 months out from their last IKM Class (P1 only).

TRA= Threshold Rate Adjustment or Time Range Adjustment.

Payment Protocol for all Israeli Krav Maga IKM courses

Payment in cash, check or money order must be made in person on the 'day of' the training event and must be paid in full at the class location. Refunds are not allowed once a participant has attended a session. Partial refunds 'may' be extended for those that have pre-paid for a session days prior to the training event and have documented proof of the emergency that caused their absence. Also, please read the below section covering "Class Participation-Attendance Policies-Terms and Conditions-Waiver of Liability."

Drop in option:

Dropping in is the most popular method of payment for our students who are: Nurses, Doctors, EMS, Federal Law Enforcement, Military, Border Patrol, Long Haul Truckers, Single Parents or those with shifting schedules that don't allow for a commitment to a full 6 or 8 week session. TRA indicates Threshold Rate Adjustment Time Range Adjustment.

Walk in Policy

Community members with no previous training (or those that have had some Combat Sports or Martial Arts experience) can watch one of our currently running classes for free. The IKM foundations session is mandatory prior to participating in any of the on-going P-1 series classes. Those with Israeli maritial arts experience must first consult with our Chief Instructor, and if allowed to participate, pay only $30 for each class.

Class Participation Policies-Terms and Conditions-Waiver of Liability

Due to the intensity of all of our CFC® reality based training courses, we strive to maintain the integrity of our programs, the delivery of our instruction and most importantly the safety of our students. Hence, we reserve the right to refuse instructional services to anyone at anytime when we sense that any of the aforementioned are jeapordized. Also, prior to attending our courses, all interested individuals must pass a background check . All participating students are also continuely assessed and expected to adhere to the stated class policies. All accepted students that enter our training facility agree to CFC Terms and Conditions and must read, accept and sign a Liability Waiver and Release Form. All students also agree to pay in full for the selected course by the end of the first class. If a student plans to miss one or two classes due to prior commitments, makeup class attendance must first be approved for the appropiate training level and program. By accepting the above stated and signing the produced forms, all students are waiving all rights to compensation to potential cases of injury. Also, to reiterate, if any substantiated criminal intent, activity or anti-social behavior is collaborated by our investigations staff, then you will be precluded from participating in any of our CFC® courses.

Please email or call us to secure your spot and rate for the selected session 3 days prior . Payment (cash) may be settled at the class location. The below rate is for new students paying for , the Practitioner Level 1 (P-1) series.


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