Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 


IKM: PMA Members Only

$20.00 $30.00

קרב מגע

Israeli Style Krav Maga Entry Protocols

Our IKM courses are only available to individuals who have passed our screening process. When space is available these candidates are then allowed to become members. These members can then participate as students in our P1 IKM classes. Through progressive training in awareness, avoidance, and combative tactics these students can then attend higher level P2-P6 IKM and TKM courses.

CFC Membership

Israeli Krav Maga IKM, is a high intensity program that may not be suitable for everyone. Interested individuals...if you have physical limitations or have mental/health issues, then documented clearance is required from your primary health care physician.

CFC reserves the right to refuse instructional services to any individual not adhereing to our training standards, policies or membership parameters. Dismissal may occur at any time, since we operate as a PMA private membership association.

Also note, that if any substantiated criminal intent, activity or anti-social behavior is collaborated by our investigations staff, then this will preclude you from participating in any of our CFC-Combat FIT or IKM courses.

How do I start Krav Maga Training?

Entry Protocol:

1. New Individuals...your first step is to contact our CFC admin team by emailing us to get an eval form. Or  call  Combat FIT during its office hours to request the "training evaluation". Speak to a staff member and start the entry process and background check.

2. Once you have been evaluated and your application has been submitted, reviewed and cleared, CFC admin will let you know if you qualify for training. A spot in one of the 'No Obligation Foundational Sessions' will be set aside for you. The completion of this session is required prior to Krav Maga training.

3. If you cant make Combat FITs monthly Foundations class , then we can schedule a private Fast Trac Foundations session to get you started.


IKM Foundations Session Description:

This initial class will give an overview of the IKM training program. It provides the basic training methods, safety standards and primary IKM techniques, needed to facilitate the transition of all new students into the beginner P-1 training series. For cost, look below.

During this session behavioral science analysis will be used to assess all new students tempermant, character and motive. Hence, acceptance into the Israeli Krav Maga training program is based on passing the latter and not necessarily the completion of the class.

Date and Time: CFC members only

Training Location: CFC members only

Workshop Cost: Varies per session $15-$30.

The above is a 'general' rate for these IKM sessions and applicable to CFC private club members only. 

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