Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 


Knives and Machetes: Advanced Krav Maga


Advanced Krav Maga

Tactical Military Krav Maga Workshops on the following:

-Edged weapons handling and safety

-Knife disarms, retention and use

-Long knife disarms and use

-Team tactics in urban environments

-Edged weapon use against high threats

To see when specific workshops are conducted please click on the calendar tab.

These Tactical Krav Maga 'TKM' Workshops are open to a select number of  IKM practioners. Space is limited to only 4 students, so  please call or email our office to see if you qualify for this type of tactical training.

Pre-register early and reserve your spot.

Date and Time : Click here for dates and times.

Training Location : Call during office hours to find out.

Workshop Cost : Varies per session $15-$30.

The above is a 'general' rate for these TKM sessions and only applicable to pre-registered individuals. Payment of cash or check may be settled at the class location. TRA indicates Threshold Rate Adjustment/ Time Range Adjustment.

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